My Custom Charging Box

February 2, 2014 9:31 pm

I decided to be crafty.  I had an idea for a decent looking box from which to charge gadgets.  I finally found a box I liked (a cigar box, as it turns out).  And then we went off to Jo-Ann Fabrics for other materials (Josh, if you're reading this, I was reminiscing of our Jo-Ann Fabrics trips back in the day).

I was looking in the upholstery fabric section, but not finding anything smaller than about 10 feet long.  I did see some options in the remnants of some suede that would probably have worked.  But then Jess stumbled upon some swatches of leather on the other side of the store which were perfectly sized.  They also had a strap of leather that gave me an additional idea to give it an old strapped trunk sort of look.

You'll quickly see that I'm not exactly a fine craftsman, but it came out well enough and I only threated to give up 3 or 4 times (me and reality don't get along so well; my job has "undo").  It was kind of fun and now it cleans up the mess of charging cords that normally are strewn about the house and kitchen counters.