Views of the Bay

May 12, 2013 3:30 pm

Driving to Tilden Regional Park from Livermore takes you along a "mountain" pass where the road winds back and forth from the Bay-side to the valley-side.  There are some stunning views from some of the pull-offs.  So on our way home from the park we stopped so I could hop out and take a few pictures.

I turned the pictures monochrome because the images were very blue and there wasn't much of any other color visible.

Here's a view of San Francisco over the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (or locally, The Bay Bridge, even though there are many bridges over the bay).  The gigantic tower in the background is Sutro Tower.


This is a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.  The second tower is just barely poking through the clouds.  And I believe that's Alcatraz in the lower-left corner.  I used a very strong noise removal filter on this one which gave the whole image an oily quality to it which I like.


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