Striving for Cosmic Consciousness

September 9, 2010 7:52 pm

I had my first tai chi class tonight! Yep, like this:

tai chiOnly, y'know, indoors at my doctor's office. See, my neurologist recommended it. In her words, migraineurs "tend to be rather high-strung," so anything that helps with stress will often help with migraines, too. I figured it's worth exploring.

It's a six-week class with one class a week. I was really hoping it would be full of old people recovering from hip-replacement surgery, but alas. Although I am the youngest one there, they're mostly in their forties, I'd guess. Though one woman has had both her knees replaced, so that's something!

The class was fun. The movement is very smooth and flowing, very low-effort. Actually, my knees were really hurting b/c it's done with your knees bent the entire time (I don't know how Knee Replacement Lady's going to cope!), but maybe this will help strengthen them. We'll see. Anyway, I had a good time. Now I just have to practice!

2 thoughts on “Striving for Cosmic Consciousness”

  1. Hehe- that actually sounds rather fun. 🙂 But why on earth were you HOPING that the class would be filled with really old people? Do you just really love them that much?

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