Paid in Full

February 20, 2010 7:21 pm

With part of our tax return we decided it would be a good idea to pay-off the remaining balance on my car. So we did, and the title / lien-release arrived this week. Now I just have to deal with the DMV to find out how to get a title issued in my name and what mess needs to happen to have mom's name removed. Then we can finally get all of our insurance needs on a single policy! (Currently there's one policy with my name and Jess' name; and there's a separate policy with my name and my mom's name.)

We're excited that there is one less bill to pay and, when the insurance policies get consolidated those two bills will turn in to one. With that bill done we can focus on getting student loans paid down and putting a little more into savings every month.

One thought on “Paid in Full”

  1. That is always a good feeling! This is what smart people do with their money. Instead of getting tax returns and and "splurging" and blowing it all on something or another.

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