So much for the super-cute Halloween sleeper we bought her.

October 26, 2011 5:06 pm

I had another doctor's appointment this morning. We started with a non-stress test, which involved an ultrasound to check fluid levels and then monitoring to see how the baby's heart rate changed with her movements. Everything looks good, which is great. (Though I will admit to trying to come up with something they could find that would require a quick induction but not actually be problematic. I couldn't think of anything.) Then I met with the midwife, and while she was glad to hear that I've been having (extremely sporadic) contractions since Saturday and agrees that the baby has definitely dropped, she says I have still not progressed, cervix-wise. I was really hoping those contractions would have accomplished something, but apparently I fail at this.

We scheduled an induction for Monday night (yep, we'll be spending Halloween in the hospital, unless this baby gets a move on). We're to call at 6pm to make sure they're not swamped and then be there at 7 (please note that this is precisely the time of day we had hoped to avoid driving to the hospital because traffic is going to suuuuuuuck). Assuming I'm still not progressed at all, they'll start me with Cytotec and then give me Pitocin in the morning. (Though it sounds like they'll just keep giving me Cytotec until they see good progress, so it may take longer.) She warned me that inductions can take a couple of days, start to finish. So it looks like we'll be having a November baby, which is something I really never even considered. (Technically, I could still go into labor on my own before then, but it's not very likely.)

To make my day even more fun, I discovered that my car, which has been parked under a tree for the last week, is covered in bird poop. It's truly disgusting. Like I'm in any condition to wash my car at this point! Also, when I left the doctor's office, I couldn't get into my nasty car because the car next to me was parked too close (jerk!). I had to get in the passenger's side and clamber over to my seat, which was super fun and easy to do. But it's all okay because in the opinion of Random Guy in the Parking Lot, it's awesome that I'm pregnant because his daughter is flying from an island off Alaska to the mainland to have her baby today. Yes, that makes up for everything. (Actually, he was very nice and even offered to back my car out for me if I couldn't get in. It's just that there's very little in the world I don't resent at this point.)

Lastly, I discovered that the mascara I just bought (a curse on makeup companies who keep changing their product lines so you are continually forced to try new things instead of just sticking with the great one you finally found) needs replacing. Apparently, "water-resistant" is not even close to "waterproof" and will not hold up against tears. Stupid me for thinking it might be good enough.

Blah. If it sounds like I'm in a lousy mood, it's because I am. Hopefully I'll get through the next 5 days and have a blissfully easy labor that does not end in a c-section (I really think I've had enough surgeries) and I can write a happy blog next week. Cross your fingers.

5 thoughts on “So much for the super-cute Halloween sleeper we bought her.”

  1. The best would be if your water broke - it isn't problematic but they have to admit you. Work on that. 😉 Don't give up! She could be here by this time tomorrow. Go for a walk and then drive on a bumpy road at high altitude...

  2. Hey! I heard you guys were having a baby--congratulations! I'm SO so sorry you're late. My baby was over 2 weeks late, and we ended up getting him induced.

    I was with midwives too, and I was planning to go all natural and Bradley/Hypnobirthing and so on, but what I didn't realize was that induction is FAR more painful than natural labor. I resisted the epidural for the same reason that I wanted a natural birth, but in the end, that was stupid of me. In the end, the pain was so excruciating I got it.

    My advice = GET THE EPIDURAL! With a natural birth, you can handle the pain, but with an induction, it's SO not worth it. Just get the painkiller.

    Also, I don't know if you've done any research on epidurals, but while they help during the birth process, they are way painful to deal with afterwards. In the weeks following my baby's birth, the spot on my back where the epidural went in was far more painful than anything else. But it was still worth it.

    Good luck!! You can do it!!

  3. Have they considered stripping the membranes or is that not done any more? That worked for a friend of mine and she went into labor within a day, I think.

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with Allie that induction is more painful than natural labor. For me it caused one continuous contraction. It would lessen at times but never went away so there was no resting between contractions. But since that was my first baby, maybe it would have been worse than the others anyway.

    And having had one "completely natural childbirth" (not by choice, I might add, the stupid nurse wouldn't believe I was in labor)I can't say as the pain made it a more awesome experience. Go for the pain meds!

    Just think. Soon it will all be over and you'll have your own labor and delivery story to scare other people with.

  4. My kids were both late - first ended in a c-section after having had no contractions at all, and the second was nine days late with no contractions and no progress. I seriously thought my body just didn't know how to labor.

    Then it just happened, 42 straight hours of it, and the second baby came out all on her own.

    Natural, induction, c-section, whatever it ends up being - I understand the agony of the wait. I'm sorry. She'll be here soon.

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