Happy Birthday to Me

June 12, 2010 9:56 pm

Wednesday was my birthday. It started out with an exciting day at work where I fixed bugs and watched Google lectures on Map Reduce.

I get to come home for lunch which is nice and when I came in the door I discovered Jess had decorated for me!IMGP2471

After work I went and used the gift certificate Jess gave me at Christmas for a massage. My shoulders and lower-back had been rather tweaked so getting those knots worked out was rather nice.

Then I went home and waited around for Jess to get home from cub scouts so we could go to dinner. We went to Black Angus steakhouse in Dublin which was pretty good. They sang a birthday song and brought a giant cookie-ma-jig which was very tasty.

Jess made me a lovely chocolate with chocolate frosting cake:IMGP2472After dinner I blew out candles, but we were both too full to eat any cake.

IMGP2477Jess ordered me a really nice frame to put my diplomas in. They've just been sitting in a box ever since I got them and I've been wanting to do something with them. So we put them in the frame and I took it to work and put it in my office which is nice. It's almost like I'm a professional!

IMGP2497Thanks for all the birthday wishes and gifts. One year ago was a very different time. I was still in Provo, unmarried, still in grad school. Quite a change in my life from 24 to 25. It's been a great year, here's to another for 25 to 26.

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