Supercharging Slickdeals

March 3, 2015 10:46 am

I've been using to discover good deals on things for several years now.  Today I thought it'd be really helpful to be able to hide deals from companies that I don't ever buy things from (like Tigerdirect and eBay).  A quick Google search turned up nothing, but playing around with Slickdeals revealed just such an option.

Open the Frontpage preferences by clicking the little gear icon at the top-right:

slickdeals_preferences_1Doing so reveals the Preferences panel which allows you to adjust Category Preferences (on the left) and Store Preferences (on the right).

slickdeals_preferences_2The Store Preferences allows you to type in a store name and it will provide suggestions for matching companies.  Select the match and it will appear with a dislike/neutral/like slider you can adjust.

Any category or company set to "dislike" is hidden.  Any category/company set to "like" will result in more deals matching that category/company being shown to you.

This makes Slickdeals even more useful since I can stop seeing stuff from companies and categories I don't care about and instead see more stuff I might actually be interested in.

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