Lunar Eclipse 2015

September 27, 2015 8:41 pm

We and a few families from Church went to a local park and climbed a hill to try and get a decent view of the lunar eclipse tonight.  Despite having had nothing but clear skies for about 9 months we managed to have clouds covering the eastern sky, and only the eastern sky, this evening.  We waited around for a while and did manage to get about 5 minutes where we could see the moon.  I had had plans to try and make a nice timelapse image as the moon came up over the horizon, but that didn't work out.

Here's the best shot I managed to get:

Lunar Eclipse from Livermore, CA
Lunar Eclipse from Livermore, CA

But at least we got a chance to hangout with friends for a little while and we did get to see something.

Of course, after the eclipse ended the sky cleared up perfectly:


These were just using my Pentax K-7 with a 200mm lens, nothing special.

And here is some of the group that was up on the hill watching:


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