Rambling Status Update

February 13, 2010 6:56 pm

I've been sick all week, so I've been playing video games and not much else. I even had to ditch church last Sunday. I'm doing better now, though, which meant that I was able to go on our photography class field trip. At 7 am this morning. I was very disappointed to not have a valid excuse to miss it. Especially since I've had several nights of poor sleep this week. Let's just say that 5:30 was very early this morning.

Really, though, the field trip was good. We drove out to Veterans Park, which is only about 15 minutes away, and there was a bunch of stuff to take pictures of. Which, I guess, is an advantage to living in California. Not everywhere can you walk around and take pictures of vegetation in mid-February. Of course, I'd love to take pictures of the snow my family has in Dallas. Holy cow. I'm so jealous! (Interruption: Kyle just broke the handle on the patio door blinds. He's such a drag.) I'm still going through pictures and cleaning up the ones I like, but I hope some are good. Right now, I'm still pretty tired.

Oh, also, I've managed to injure my ankle. Running. Inside. Wii Fitting, actually. Done laughing yet? One of the exercises is running (in place, obviously), and you unlock different length courses. I actually don't run, as a general rule, on account of all my lower joints being ruined in my teen years as a dancer. But the short courses only hurt my ankle a little bit while I was actually running, so I figured I wasn't really doing any damage if the pain stopped when I stopped running. But then I ran the super long course (it took me about 20 minutes), and that apparently did me in. My ankle has hurt ever since, and it's been well over a week. The last few days, it seems to be getting worse, which can't be good. Mostly, it's like it gets worn out by evening time, but the pain's really pretty bad and I hobble around like a cripple and I don't wanna go to the doctor so why can't it just get better? I wore a brace today at the park, but it's still really bad (getting the mail this afternoon proved that I couldn't, in fact, accompany Kyle to the grocery store). So there's that, too.

I think that's pretty much my current status.

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