Kyle's Birthday 2023

June 10, 2023 3:10 pm

My birthday started out fairly mundane. Get up, eat breakfast, head into my closet to work. I didn't, however, have to make lunches for the girls--it being the first day of summer break.

Breaking for lunch I did my usual Ring Fit exercising. The previous day I completed the story mode for the 3rd time, "Master Mode." At the end of the 3rd completion you get the special clothing that makes you gold and gives you Ring's head.

With Ring Fit I've completed over 102 hours of exercising. That time is actual time exerting your muscles and doesn't include warm up or cool down stretching. In that time I've burned somewhere around 26,000 calories and ran the equivalent of ~156 miles.

After the 3rd time through, the game doesn't have any built-in continuation. So I'll have to figure out something to do to keep me engaged and still exercising. I've thought about wiping my save data and starting over....but I worked so hard to get here!

Once I was done with work I opened presents!

It's "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!!!"

Dinner was at the First Street Ale House and then back home to start playing "TLoZ:TotK" for a bit while letting dinner settle. And then it was time for The Cake.

After cake I completed the first scenario in the "Lord of the Rings Adventure Book Game" while waiting to take Heather to swim class.

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