Adorably Frustrating

April 15, 2014 10:03 pm

Three years ago I wouldn't have thought the phrase "adorably frustrating" could be a thing.  But I learned the full extent of its meaning this evening while I was sitting with Heather as she was supposed to be falling asleep.

Normally this process involves just sitting within sight while she dozes off.  However, this evening she apparently didn't feel like dozing off quite yet.  She laid down as usual and I started reading on my eReader.  After about 20 seconds she flipped over and hanged her head off the edge of the bed directly under my face and adorably told me, "Daddy, I like your brown hair."  Which she then followed up with, "I like your smile.  I like your scruff, Daddy.  Did you shave your scruff today, Daddy?  [now singing] I like you, I like you, I like you just--the way--you are..."  Then she asked me questions about what I was doing, what is on my chin, and what is on my upper lip ("scruff" was apparently only on my cheeks in her mind).  While doing this she would alternate between hanging her head off the edge of the bed and hugging my face while giggling/chuckling to herself.

This process repeated in various combinations for 30 minutes before she finally agreed to lay down again and promptly fell asleep.

Absolutely adorable and frustrating at the same time.  What a goon.

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