Dying? NOT ANYMORE! Bwa ha ha...

January 15, 2010 6:24 pm

Today's a big day for me: it's been one year since my second surgery! I've decided that Jan. 12-26 shall hereafter be a two-week celebration that I AM ALIVE! And not, y'know, in the hospital or anything. Kyle thinks the big day should be the day I got out of the hospital (the 26th), and I agree that that's a good one. But I think the really big one is today, since that was the surgery that saved my life. But I'm not against celebrating both.

Anyway, in case anyone's wondering how the recovery's going, I guess my strength and whatnot is all back. And my scars have really faded a lot. They're basically the same color as the rest of my skin now (well, except the one on my back; it's still fairly dark). The only real lasting damage seems to be my right side. The skin is still numb there (they cut some nerves to a small area over my ribcage), though I hardly notice it anymore, and the muscles get stiff and hurt sometimes where they crammed in a bunch of drainage tubes. But yoga helps with the stiffness a lot, so I try to keep doing that. Oh, and I have a slightly increased tendency to choke on my own spit, which I blame on scar tissue around my throat. But it could just be that I'm a bit of a spaz. Y'all knew that, right?

I've been rather contemplative lately, between the new year and this anniversary. I can't quite get over how crazy this last year was. Starting last January, I got sick, had 2 surgeries, got engaged, quit my job, got married, and moved to California—and none of those things were anticipated at the beginning of the year. Well, actually, all those things happened in the first 6 months, I guess; the rest has just been recovery and adjustment? Still, although "eventful" isn't normally what I go for in life, and I think 2009 has to have been the most eventful year thus far, I think I've come out ahead. 😀

One thought on “Dying? NOT ANYMORE! Bwa ha ha...”

  1. HoooOOOOooooRAY! (Speaking of Ray… I ran into Ray Kearney today at CostCo. Talk about a blast from the past.)

    I'm all up for a 2-week celebration. But we'll be sure to do something exciting on the 26th. Like… go get vanilla malts. Yeah, that seems appropriate.

    Also, if it makes you feel any better, my grandma choked on her own saliva and now my mom does, too. And they don't have scar tissue to blame it on. So at least you're a bit of a spaz with an excuse.

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