February 23, 2018 10:03 pm

Heather hasn't been able to fall asleep tonight. Something has got her anxiety level up and she can't calm down and stay asleep. It's 3 hours past her bedtime and she's been out of her room at least a dozen times. I've carried her to bed twice and have sat in her room for some time.

Now I'm on the floor of her room again trying to help her get to sleep.

I'm tired; she's exhausted. And I'm running out of the necessary energy to stay calm and supportive for her.

But, I try to remember that, as frustrating and tiring as this is, there are too many other parents who would do anything to be in my place tonight. Too many other parents whose children aren't in their beds tonight. Too many other parents whose children aren't coming down the hallway every 10 minutes and interrupting the show they're watching. Because of a disease, or a careless driver, or a lunatic with a gun, their children aren't coming home again.

I'm tired, my patience is gone. But I'll figure out how to stay calm anyways. My children are here. My children are safe. I can't imagine it being otherwise. I hope I never find out.

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