The beginnings of a very long trip...

July 7, 2014 8:21 pm

We just returned from a month-long stay in Texas. Kyle was doing a program at A&M for work (I'll let him explain that at some point if he wants to) and that's only 3.5 hours from where my parents live, in Frisco. So Heather and I stayed with them, and Kyle came up on the weekends.

The drive out to Texas was largely uneventful: we just needed to get out there as quickly as possible. We left May 28th (a Wednesday) and arrived on the 31st (Saturday). Kyle's classes started on Monday, the 2nd and ran through the 26th of June.

We did make an impromptu stop at a dinosaur museum that happened to be around when we needed a break from driving, though. It was in Tucumcari, NM, and it kind of rocked! It wasn't large, but they had some cool stuff. And Heather got to dig for fossils! Okay, they were cow bones buried in pieces of walnut shell. But it was awesome, and she loved it. We also discovered that if you can read, you're going to seem like a genius to anyone who can't (like a 2-year-old). No wonder we all thought our parents knew everything! Turns out, they were just reading the informational signs.

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