I'm so Tired

May 26, 2022 8:51 am

I'm so tired of the number of children that don't get to come home from school.

I'm so tired of the suffering of the parents who will never see their kids grow up.

I'm so tired of police officers who hide and wait while children are massacred.

I'm so tired of people insisting that if we just had more guns this wouldn't happen.

I'm so tired of politicians using any excuse to do nothing to stop this from happening.

I'm so tired of cowards who love their guns more than children.

I'm so tired of hearing that the 2nd Amendment is sacred.

I'm so tired of this country's completely broken relationship with firearms.

I'm so tired of this bullshit.


Heather is in 4th grade this year. The thought of her in a classroom being shot while we are outside screaming at police to do something is too much. I'm just so tired.

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