Our day off

May 31, 2010 10:02 pm

Today we finally got around to renting a Rug Doctor and getting the carpets cleaned. Overall they hadn't been too bad, but there were some spots near the kitchen. Several months ago I knocked the syrup bottle off the counter (or dropped it or something). Plastic bottle, no problem--except when it lands on the brittle plastic lid, which explodes sending syrup all over and then allowing syrup to pour forth all over the floor. Luckily most of it was on the tile, but some of the splashes from the explosion got on the carpet. We cleaned it up as best we could, but over time the spots held on to more and more dirt and grime.

So we finally got that all cleaned up. After moving the furniture off of the carpeting (as much as possible) and vacuuming it only took about an hour to do the actual carpet cleaning.

So then we got to leave and let the carpet dry as much as possible. So we went and got lunch and then went to the park. But the sun decided to go hide behind some clouds and with the wind it wasn't very warm. So we went and watched Iron Man 2, which was about what you would expect from a summer action movie. It wouldn't have been quite so ridiculous if they didn't have two gaping problems: 1. When Ivan is wielding his light-saber-whips (for lack of a better term) why doesn't anyone just shoot him? He's not wearing any armor! Instead he gets to destroy things for awhile until Tony finally puts him down. Then cops show up with their guns and arrest the guy. 2. Tony's multiple suits are designed for his body, which means they've been designed to use his implanted-into-chest power source. However, Roadie (however you spell it) is able to just hop into one of the suits without a problem.

Anyway, it was about what you'd expect from a summer action movie. Not as good as the first one though.

After the movie we came home to check on the carpet which was drying satisfactorily. So we lounged about for a bit and then went and got dinner. After dinner it was time to put the apartment back together. And here we are. An exciting day overall.

It's really nice to have the carpets clean again.

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  1. Don't you just hate it when they don't use implanted-in-the-chest power sources realistically?

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