COVID-19: Part 21

April 15, 2020 5:26 pm
  • Quarantine Day 30
  • Protestors in Michigan hold gatherings and block roads to protest shelter-at-home orders.
  • Trump continues to place ego above efficacy and requires relief checks be branded with his name (by some reports delaying them from being sent).
  • Retail spending in March dropped a record 8.7%. Clothing down over 50%, furniture down over 25%.
  • Texas considers implementing oil-production limits to prop up pricing.
  • Livermore cases: 28 (yesterday was 29, maybe I misread or maybe it got corrected)
  • Alameda County cases: 924; deaths: 35
  • U.S. cases: 605,000+; deaths: 24,500+

We held two interviews for work yesterday via video conferencing. So that's becoming the new normal. The Lab is still scrambling to figure out how to run a Summer Student program remotely and whether they can waive the mandatory pre-employment drug screening since students won't be able to get one in most places.

The weather is nice now. Warming up to the mid-70's.

I spend most of my day in my closet working. I don't have a good awareness of what insanity is happening in the rest of the house. Occasionally, Corinne will wander in to my closet and ask if I can play.

Jess and I have been watching the TV comedy "Community" that aired from 2009-2015. It's on Netflix now. Trying to balance the new stresses of daily life with some laughs.

We're out of milk again. I walked down to the Mexican market over the weekend to buy more. But they only had two gallons, so I only bought one. I guess I'll have to head down to Safeway tonight to see what the shelves look like now.

On my walk today I saw an ice-cream truck driving around. It's probably not supposed to be doing that. Also, landscapers and house painters seem to have mostly declared themselves exempt from the shelter-at-home orders.

I see I forgot to post Jess' most recent cross-stitch project. Particularly appropriate now, but also a general life motto around here:

Orange blossoms being visited by bees on my walk:

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