Firsthand Knowledge

September 24, 2013 11:39 pm

Things you never wanted to learn firsthand: The people who design car-seats have clearly never needed to clean copious amounts of vomit out of them on the side of the highway 50 miles from the closest exit in middle-of-nowhere Nevada.  Why are there so many crevices?!

(Sigh) The other side of parenthood.  Luckily it was still daylight, traffic was light, and nothing but the seat and Heather's clothes got contaminated.

Heather was apparently not feeling well, but after giving up most her lunch she seemed to improve dramatically.  Unfortunately, now the car has a lovely eau de sick.

Hopefully a thorough washing of the car-seat will fix that.

Had we any safe way of transporting Heather without it, I may have been tempted to leave the car-seat in the desert--it was pretty gross.

3 thoughts on “Firsthand Knowledge”

  1. I just took Addie in for a check-up and asked if she could take Dramamine because she's taken to barfing in the car frequently. (He said yes.) He also told me one of his kids threw up twice within half an hour in a car seat and after the second time he " threw the seat as far out into the woods as he could and just drove the next few hours without one." And we were looking forward to dinner so I hope all is well. Last year the stomach viruses plagued us from the end of September until the 3rd week of January.

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