Holidays are awesome.

January 17, 2011 9:48 pm

Kyle had today off, so we started out the way all holidays should begin: sleeping in. Then we went to the new Denny's Cafe up the road to see what that's all about. I was happy because I got a tasty breakfast for lunch. While we were out, we stopped at Home Depot for some supplies: a new pot, a set of drill bits, and a hook. Our goal for the afternoon was to hang the windchimes my parents got us for Christmas and to re-pot the rose bush. It had fallen victim to some idiotic vandals (isn't knocking a potted plant off its ledge and onto a cement patio where it will shatter into a million pieces just about the funniest thing you can think of to do on a Saturday night at 11:30?). Anyway, we got the chimes hung (with the help of a ladder we borrowed from friends, though w/o using the drill or hook) and the plant re-potted. Hopefully it's not too shocked to live.

patioIt looks nice, right? I'm not sure how much wind the chimes will get in there, but we'll see. They sound amazing! And here's my handyman:


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