It really did happen!

July 30, 2009 6:04 pm

After weeks of waiting, it finally came!

So, I need an official, legal marriage certificate for all sorts of things, right? Like changing my name with Social Security and the DMV, for example. Well, I didn't have one. UNTIL NOW!!! Apparently, we filed with one of the lamest towns around, and they don't automatically send out this very important document. So after waiting for a couple of weeks, I called to see when it was going to arrive, only to be informed that I had to officially request one. And pay for it. Which meant I had to mail a request and a check.

Anyway, the certificate finally just arrived. Kyle kept asking what I would do if they responded with "Well, we don't actually have any record of that marriage taking place..." but that didn't happen, thankfully. Now I can get back to the really fun business of getting my name changed. Good times.

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