Christmas Preparations

November 30, 2014 9:01 pm

Thanksgiving was a quiet day at home.  But on Friday we started gearing up for Christmas.

Heather and I put the lights up on the house.  And I think her "help" actually did reduce the amount of time it took instead of increasing it.  This was probably a first.  She held and handed me zip ties when I needed them.  She retrieved strings of lights for me when I needed them.  She's pretty good going up and down the ladder (though I still spot her coming down, sometimes she loses track of her feet).

P1010324as IMG_20141128_171047as

We added to the Christmas spirit this year with a set of sleigh bells to hang on the front door:

IMG_20141129_092524asThey have a nice sound and it seems like good quality materials. For only $~20 on Amazon they were a great buy.

On Saturday we went to get a tree.  The drought was rough on the trees this year and they didn't see much growth.  The farm we go to didn't have much of anything over 6-feet tall.  But we found one in the shade that filled out nicely at least even though it's a little short.  Heather found one she liked, but we decided not to get it.



I made a wreath out of the remnants cut from the base of our tree.  It's not great, but it smells nice.  And it has the added benefit of covering the name of the previous owners on the door knocker (we intend to replace the entire door, but just haven't gotten around to it).


We got the tree in and set up on Saturday, but then it was bedtime for Heather.  So we held off decorating until Sunday.

Heather "helped" me string the lights by climbing on my back.  It was super helpful.

P1010332as IMG_20141130_165035as

After decorating the tree Jess and Heather worked on making another countdown chain.

P1010339asI think we're just about ready around here.

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