And now my feet hurt.

November 20, 2009 3:14 pm

I've spent my afternoon scrubbing mildew out of windowsills. (How is it suddenly there in such large, disgusting amounts, when it was previously not there at all?) Blergh. The worst was pulling back the blinds in front of the patio door. [shudder]

If anybody has any magical tips for preventing/easily getting rid of* said pestilence, I'd love to hear them. This is something we've not had to deal with before. Do not like.

*I know I can use bleach, but I'm scared of getting it on the carpet (some of the mildew is around the patio door) or something and ruining the carpet. And I've heard that rolled up towels on the windowsills will catch the water and help, but I'm not sure how much that will help (I haven't tried it) and I don't like the idea of how it would look. I may be willing to at least try it, though, if there aren't any better options. Some of these are porous surfaces, which makes them rather difficult to clean. Today's method was just a wet rag and Fantastik, which worked okay, but there's gotta be something better. 🙁

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