Not cool, Dentist.

April 25, 2011 11:38 am

Kyle and I had dentist appointments on Friday. Well, I've been very good at flossing for the last several months, so I figured I would be okay. And I was...sort of. The dentist said everything looks good and there was really very little buildup on my teeth. Awesome. And yet, that cleaning was so painful! I am told this can be blamed on the baby. When you're pregnant, your gums get inflamed and bleed easily (and it hurts to have things poked all around them!). But it's also super important to take care of your gums during pregnancy because gum disease can lead to things like preterm labor and low birth weight. So I get to go back in 4 months and do it again! And it's going to hurt even worse! Argh.

In other news, Kyle's teeth are "fantastic." He's rather proud of this.

One thought on “Not cool, Dentist.”

  1. Sorry about the painful dentist visit. Erin's going for a root canal tomorrow and can't have nitrous oxide because she's pregnant. And Mollie's having her wisdom teeth extracted on Monday. Seems the whole family is having dental problems - except Kyle.

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