New Couches

June 10, 2016 8:09 pm

After failing to get a new front door we decided to replace the traditional couch & loveseat in the living room with more "sactional" pieces from Lovesac with a new cover color that we could mix & match with our existing pieces.

After an absurd amount of deliberation we chose a nice forest green color as we thought it would go well with the other colors we have in the house.  And it does look quite nice.

Lovesac introduced wedge pieces (in the family room picture) and roll-arms (in the living-room picture) in the last few years which increases the versatility and stylishness of the collection.  We're quite pleased with the quality, durability, and flexibility of the sactional pieces and covers.

Here are some before and after pictures (I probably should have taken the before & after pictures at the same time of day, but I didn't and I don't feel like taking more):

Living Room:

IMG_20160606_220917as IMG_20160610_074609as

Family Room:

IMG_20160606_220854as IMG_20160610_074451as

2 thoughts on “New Couches”

    1. We don't _need_ a new front door, but we want to get one. We've been planning on getting a new one since we bought the house. The current one has a door knocker with the previous owners' name on it. We bought a replacement knocker, but it doesn't fit.

      And we wanted to get a new door that has an oval window that matches the inside window that's installed between the living room and kitchen. You can see the window I'm talking about pretty well behind Heather in the last picture.

      We went and looked at options with a rather unhelpful Home Depot employee. And I also went to a local door/window contractor. But we got paralyzed by too many specification choices (jamb material, color, shape, inside options, outside options, etc.) and sticker shock. So we gave up for now.

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