Josh Versus the Dessert

July 6, 2010 6:02 pm

On Friday we had walked by the Nestle Toll House Cafe (OK, I'm feeling too lazy to add the accents to those words) and saw a sign for a challenge. Eat a 48-ounce ice-cream and cookie sandwich in 48 minutes and get it for free. Josh, feeling gastronomically unstoppable after downing the 1-pound burger in Idaho, wanted to give it a go.

So you start with 2 freshly baked 9-inch chocolate-chip cookies:

Place 6 scoops of ice-cream onto one of the cookies and cover in caramel:

Add the second cookie; cover in hot-fudge and whipped cream. Notice how the cookie is actually collapsing under the weight of the hot-fudge. This is T = 0.
IMGP3111 IMGP3113

T = 5 minutes
T = 10 minutes
At 25 minutes things are looking pretty good.
But by 27 minutes we start to realize there might be a problem.
Josh has hit the wall. He's holding down what he's already eaten, but isn't making any more progress as the clock keeps ticking.
He tries some meditation to bring his body temperature back up (he had been visibly shivering for several minutes now).
But at 43 minutes he threw in the towel. He declared the cookie to be disgusting and vowed to vomit if he had to look at it any longer (Note: he said the cookie was delicious when he started). The official weight was 10.6 ounces remaining, unfortunately short of the less-than-1-ounce required for victory.
Our conquered hero sought comfort by lying on the grass in the sun; waiting for his stomach to calm down.

Perhaps another time.

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