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May 12, 2010 7:43 am

Oh yeah.

4. I ruined one pair of tennis shoes and damaged another. I'd provide pics, but I don't have time. Supposed to be getting ready to leave. I was just trying to be a good wifey. Guess I should stop? Our tennis shoes were all muddy from the service project on Saturday, and we're gonna want them for walking around in Florida, so I cleaned them up yesterday afternoon. But they got pretty wet, and I didn't think they'd dry overnight, so I threw them in the dryer. You know, like T did with ours once upon a time. And they did dry. But the uppers on mine also entirely melted away from the soles and one of them got jammed in the side and got tore up pretty bad (fortunately, I was planning on wearing another pair of shoes anyway). Kyle's shoes suffered significantly less damage, and we're hoping they'll be okay. One of the heels is just coming up from the sole a wee bit. I feel really bad, though. Hopefully it won't rain in FL, and we can get him some new ones later. Basically, I'm a moron and shouldn't be allowed to do things.

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  1. Seriously? I have never had a problem putting shoes in the dryer! That's crazy that they melted. Maybe you had it on a really high setting? Or do I need to reconsider my shoe drying habits?

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