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December 1, 2013 3:07 pm

Okay, I totally thought I posted this blog weeks ago. Sorry y'all. As the title suggests, it's just a mishmash of Heather stuff from October.


The book she's "reading" is Henry's Awful Mistake. If you don't know the story (and/or aren't familiar with Heather's speech), it probably sounds like gibberish. But it's not. Promise.

She pulled a long-sleeve shirt of hers out of the hamper and tried to put it on herself, but only got so far. And was fine with that—especially since she snatched my tablet to play with.

P1000135as P1000136as

This is not her car seat. It's Liam's car seat, and it was sitting in our living room while he was visiting one day. But Heather decided it was her throne and spent a lot of time that afternoon reading books in it.

P1000146as P1000147as

She loves her new easel.

P1000183aas P1000186aas

This was more birthday cake. What made it interesting was that she was doing everything she could to just get the frosting. Silly girl.

P1000195aas P1000196aas P1000198aas

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