Star-Toed Sneetches

April 29, 2011 4:33 pm

Not long after we got married, I realized that Kyle had much cooler socks than me. Not that they're anything terribly exciting, just white athletic socks, but they're lower cut than mine AND HAVE STARS ON THE TOES. So I started wearing his socks.

Of course, I couldn't always wear them because while he had plenty of socks for one person, there were not quite enough for two. But I pretty much always wore his socks.

Then, before we went to San Diego, Kyle realized that his socks were getting kinda worn out. So he bought more. He managed to find 3 packages of star-toed socks! I was/am so stoked about this. Now we have 18 pairs, which is plenty for both of us, and I get to have stars on my toes every day! Bwahahahaha...

I looked for pictures of these socks online, but I couldn't find them (I think they've been discontinued). They're made by Converse, though, so if you know they're logo, you're most of the way there.

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