Oh, hello there

October 3, 2010 8:44 pm

I was taking some trash out and saw this guy sitting on the wall. So I tossed the trash, and zipped back inside to grab the camera.

There wasn't a lot of light and I didn't know how long it would stay put so I used a large smattering of settings hoping that one would come out well enough. That's the best shot. Most of the others are too grainy from using too high of a sensitivity.

Anyone know what kind of bug that is? Mom, I'm looking your way.

7 thoughts on “Oh, hello there”

  1. Looks like a katydid. We had one in the living room a few weeks ago only it was missing one of its hind legs. Don't know how it got in the house or how it got injured. Walking sticks also have amazing camouflage but I think sea dragons take the cake. Look up pictures of them. They look like something right out of Dr. Seuss. They're supposed to have some at the aquarium in Boston. I'm going to check it out on one of my trips to visit Mollie. We saw them years ago at the Shedd aquarium in Chicago and I bought a post card of one but lost it.

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