San Diego day 2: the Zoo

April 20, 2011 9:32 am

IMGP4462atinySaturday was slotted for a visit to the San Diego Zoo. We were all exhausted from Friday, though, so we slept in and didn't leave until about 10:30 am. Things to know about the San Diego Zoo: it's (1) massive and (2) very very hilly. Also, it was again very warm and sunny. Fortunately, my family was very patient with my need to sit down and rest...or go to the bathroom...fairly frequently. And we had sunscreen and water again (plus snacks this time!), so it worked out. Oh, and thanks, Kyle, for making me get new tennis shoes before we went. That also helped a lot.

The first thing we did was to ride the Skyfari out to the other end of the zoo. It was super nice and breezy and cool up there, and there was a great view!

IMGP4406atinyAnd now, a bunch of my favorite animals (with comments as I see fit):

IMGP4418atiny IMGP4470atiny IMGP4633atiny IMGP4700atiny IMGP4451atinyColton and me with the statue of an extinct (and very large) bird:

Okay, the panda baby was super cute! He was just laying back, half covered by this huge pile of bamboo, chowing down. Adorable.

This orangutan was just sitting there, calmly pulling up grass and eating it. Nom nom nom.

IMGP4610atiny IMGP4614atiny

This peacock wasn't in an exhibit, just up a tree. And making quite a racket!

Koala bears are [adjective that doesn't include "super cute" or "adorable," since that's how I described the panda baby]! Look at the sleeping one! How does that look so comfy? Awwww...

IMGP4664atiny IMGP4670atiny
This kangaroo was so sad. He didn't hop at all, just leaned forward onto his hands, then hunched his tail and rear end up behind him to slide his feet along. We don't know if he was arthritic or old or just tired, but it looked sad. But who knows; all the others were asleep, so mebbe this is normal?

I really liked the giraffes. And this baby was [other "cute" adjective]!

IMGP4719atiny IMGP4713atiny
That was basically our day. It was really long and sunny, but we had a lot of fun.

Oh yeah, we went to In-N-Out for dinner because Colton had heard good things and wanted to try it. That was the end of our day. Mom, Dad, and Colton flew back to Dallas on Sunday, and we drove back up here. The end.

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