Seriously, folks?

January 23, 2010 7:38 pm

Yeah, I'm gonna gripe for a bit here. I just got a letter from the State of Utah. And yeah, I'm in trouble. The legalese is all a bit muddy, but the best I can figure out, their third party (Insure-Rite, if you can believe it (the most ridiculous name they could probably have dreamt up)) can't find any proof that my car is insured. Which makes perfect sense, since my insurance policy in UT was canceled. What doesn't make sense is why they're paying any attention to my car at all—it's not registered in Utah anymore! I went to a great deal of ridiculous effort to make that happen, and California didn't even TELL Utah? What the heck!

So I've now received a "1st Notice" and am required to contact them about all this. I so love this sort of Super Fun Phone Call. I'm so irritated about this...

Oh, and apparently I was supposed to notify the Utah DMV of my change of address. I can't believe I didn't think of that! makes NO SENSE! Maybe that's why it never occurred to me. I mean, if I'd stayed in the state, sure. It's not like I didn't address the issue of my car's registration. I just thought this was all taken care of months ago. The government is so interested in so many things about my car, but the states don't communicate when it moves its registration? This is bizarre.

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