Halloween 2015

October 31, 2015 10:36 pm

Heather survived another Halloween, though just barely.  She was asleep within 3 minutes of lying down in bed.  She was not super enthused about trick-or-treating, but I'm fairly sure it was only because she was already tired.  We did make it all the way up and down our entire street, which is a little further than last year.

We carved a pumpkin, of course.  Heather made 5 concept drawings which I then adapted into pumpkin-ready designs.  She chose the final design, "Beak," and yesterday we carved it.  Then she decided it need eyelashes, so we added those.


Heather wanted to be a witch this year and I shaved the bark off a stick to make her a wand:


I decided I wanted to put up some decorations, but really only came to that decision this morning.  So I spent the morning designing and making jellyfish / ghosts (depending on who you ask) to hang in the yard. I cut up water jugs for big jellies and used yogurt cups, spray-painted black with holes punched through the sides, as small jellies.

I strung thread across from the trellis to the fence so that the jellyfish could hang over the lawn and be more mysterious as to how they were floating.

IMGP4083as IMGP4087as

I had planned to use some glow sticks to light up "eyes" cut from cardboard tubes, but I ditched that idea in favor of the jellyfish.  Instead, I tried to use the glowsticks to light up the jellyfish.  It didn't work very well, or basically at all.  The glowsticks simply aren't bright enough, even with 4 inside a single jelly.  But I had some LEDs kicking around and a few button batteries so I used those instead, which worked great.  Now that I know, I'll have to get enough batteries next year so I can light them all up properly.


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