Heather At Home

November 1, 2011 9:26 pm

We left the hospital late Monday evening and got home around 11:45.  We put Heather in the Halloween sleeper we bought her for the ride home.  So she still got to wear it on Halloween.  We didn't get any pictures then due to being exhausted, but we managed to get a lot of sleep last night (Jess got over 3 hours!).

We've been using the sleeper again today so we did get some pictures:

IMGP5865 IMGP5866 IMGP5871

And, no, I haven't shaved since Friday or Saturday.

5 thoughts on “Heather At Home”

  1. We can't tell what color her hair is. One of the people at the hospital thought it might be red, but it's not clear to us.

    The thing on the back of her head isn't a birthmark; it's just a bruise/scab that she sustained during delivery.

  2. She is a cutie - looks just like Jess. Hope she has figured out the nursing thing and you're all getting some sleep now. I can hardly wait to see her at Christmastime.

  3. Jess, do your parents think she looks like your family? I remember seeing Will for the first time and thinking, "Wow, he looks nothing like my babies!" When Sawyer was born I thought he looked like a Dickerson baby. Addie seems more of a mix but more Erin than Bryce. Heather doesn't look as much UNlike my babies as Will did but I still think she looks much more like you, so I just wondered what your folks thought.

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