July 23, 2009 1:09 pm

Yesterday, Kyle told me he was coming home for lunch and mebbe I could pop some popcorn to go with it? (We got an air popper as a wedding gift, and Kyle's been converted.) So I got it all set up and going, then left the room. (Yes, I thought this might not turn out well. I did it anyway. And aren't you glad I did? You know there's awesomeness on the way!)

Well, something sounded off--I think the popping sound stopped rather early--so I ducked back into the kitchen. I found this:

Popcorn Mess Popcorn Mess 2Please note the blob of partially melted butter to the right of the paper towel roll. That was in a little tray atop the popper, melting. Pre-launch, of course. The tray thingie is visible over in the sink.

Needless to say, I was still cleaning up when Kyle got home. Our best guess as to what transpired is that 1) I didn't get the top on securely and/or 2) the corn popped up too quickly and raised the top right off. It was, well, amazing. Just wow.

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