A Hike in Morgan Territory

April 30, 2023 4:29 pm

I wanted to get a good hike in before it turns hot and everything dries up. It was hot this week, but cooled down today so I went up the Morgan Territory Regional Preserve and did a ~3.5 mile hike. The wind was howling which was sending waves throughout the grass. The trails had dried up, but all the grasses were still green and just starting to dry out in patches. With a high around 70F it made for a pleasant hike, if a little breezier than ideal.

I got some nice pictures too.

Easter 2023

April 10, 2023 7:04 pm

After a long, wet, and cool winter Spring finally decided to show up. Our foxglove and wisteria are doing quite well at the moment.

I spent Saturday cleaning up the outside of the house. Finally got the backyard cleaned up from all the windstorms we've been having. It was quite a mess, but now it actually looks alright.

I planted pumpkins and wildflowers in the planter box. The pumpkins have sprouted, maybe we'll actually get one to grow this year.

I planted an elderberry tree last year, which then got fried by a heatwave. I figured it was gone, but it's trying to regrow from the roots now, so it may yet survive.

We dyed Easter eggs on Saturday evening and the Easter Bunny stopped by on Sunday morning. Then we made cake pops, because why not?

This little critter was hanging out on one of our heavenly bamboo plants: