Thanksgiving Day

December 4, 2013 3:11 pm

Are you sick of watching Heather color yet? I hope not, because that's how we started Thanksgiving Day:


Our lovely friends the Badgers invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner, and we had a blast. (Unfortunately, I only think to pull out my camera to take pictures of Heather, so that's all I have. I'll try to do better?)

We had a delicious dinner, then played games, talked, and did a puzzle. Before we started the game, Rebecca quizzed Heather on her letters (unsurprisingly, she got them all right, and their sounds).


And (demon) Heather helped Amanda get the puzzle started:


Heather loves all the Badgers, but I think she especially liked playing with the dogs (and on the dog bed):


It was a great way to celebrate the holiday, and I'm glad we all managed to have a healthy window in which to get together!

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