Corinne's First Birthday

March 19, 2016 3:07 pm

Corinne turned 1 on Thursday.  She's almost walking (she'll try to take a step and then go into a controlled descent).  She's making some sounds, but not saying anything identifiable in any reproducible manner.  But she seems to have a sense of rhythm, so she has that going for her.  Regardless, she's still adorable.

Jess wasn't feeling well so I took Thursday off to stay home and help her get some rest.  Corinne opened presents after Heather got home from preschool and before she had to leave for gymnastics.





After gymnastics it was out to dinner at Cravings (pasta/pizza/calzones) and then back home for cake.  A white cake, colored blue, with chocolate ganache filling and vanilla frosting.



Corinne was pretty excited, but didn't like the frosting on her fingers.  I don't think she ate more than a few crumbs.  The rest of us are enjoying it though.

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