Miscellaneous Sept.

November 6, 2013 3:45 pm

Just some miscellaneous pictures from the month of September.

Story time with Daddy:


Occasionally, Heather will decide she needs to look at my book instead of one of hers.


Playing with bubbles:

IMGP1251aas IMGP1253aas

Reading on the couch with Mama. One of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon.


Honeydew, like a big girl. Yum.

P1000014as P1000017as

Modeling her new coat:

P1000024as P1000026as

More afternoon book time. And yes, that is a clothes hamper filled with balloons behind her.

P1000032as P1000034as

Our little traveler:

P1000037as P1000039as

Lastly, a video of her playing with leftover birthday balloons:

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