Best Early Birthday Gift EVAR

September 19, 2013 8:25 pm

I went visiting teaching tonight, so Kyle was responsible for getting Heather to bed. I guess she was pretty distraught about my absence at key points in the process. But Kyle managed to calm her and get her down.

So I get home and he's telling me about how upset she was, and I kind of wished I could go in and give her a hug and snuggle. Kyle pointed out that she was still wide awake...and then remembered he had forgotten to put an overnight diaper on her. So I went in to change her and show her that I did, in fact, come back. While I was changing her, she kept babbling something around her binkie that I could not understand at all. Kyle finally realized what it was: "Happy birthday, Mama." He had taught it to her and told her to say that to me in the morning (but not really thinking at all that she would remember to do so). But she did! How cute is that?!

One thought on “Best Early Birthday Gift EVAR”

  1. Very cute! Get it on tape - or an SD card. And Happy Birthday! Hope your day is filled with equally wonderful surprises. Debbie

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