August 23, 2012 11:41 am

1. At her 9-month checkup, Heather was 2' 4.5" (80.63%) and 16 lb 8.9 oz (12.26%). We are very pleased that she is growing and chunking up a bit (relatively, y'know).

2. I am the worst mom in the world, so Heather climbed out of the bath tub last night (yes, I had walked away) and fell on her head on the tile floor. Fortunately, she's fine. I, however, suck.

One thought on “P.S.”

  1. Geez that is horrible - what else could you do? Accidentally leave your kid in the car while you went to Winco/the Dollar Store while vacationing in Oregon and then have to chat with the police and fire trucks that arrived sirens blaring?!

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