Habitot Children's Museum

July 13, 2013 5:17 pm

We were able to get free passes (through our library) to Habitot Children's Museum in Oakland, so we went to go see what it was all about.

There was a big fire-fighter exhibit out front:

IMGP0295aIMGP0297a IMGP0304a IMGP0314a

Heather loved this climbing wall, but got stuck at the top and couldn't get back down again. Fortunately, they are smart and the net panels just unscrew.


They have a great big water play area:


And an art room. One whole wall was for painting on, so it was perfect for Heather:


It was a fun morning. Especially for free!

And now, a bonus picture from Kyle's birthday party. Heather's friend Emma is tucking her into her new (to us) toddler bed. (She doesn't sleep in it yet, it's just out for getting used to.)


Adorable, right? Love these girls.

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