My Birthday

November 6, 2013 3:09 pm

My birthday started out with decorations in the front of the house (by Kyle) and this picture/work of art (colored by Heather).


Kyle brought home some balloons for me (yay for birthday surprises!) and Heather FELL IN LOVE. She played with those balloons for days, long after the helium had gone out of them.

IMGP1264aas IMGP1269aas

When it came time to open up presents, Heather had to help. Naturally.

IMGP1271aas IMGP1274aas IMGP1276aas

One of my gifts was an easy peasy point-and-shoot camera. (And it's pretty purple.) So you'll be seeing many more pictures of Heather! Huzzay!

A couple days later, we had friends over for cake. Kyle made a yummy cake with cream cheese frosting. So delicious.

IMGP1287as IMGP1288as IMGP1289as

I love that birthdays mean fun and friends! Yippee!

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