Dickerson Family Reunion 2013 - Cedar City, UT

August 26, 2013 8:16 pm


The Dickerson family had a reunion this year in Cedar City, UT.  We stayed in the dorms at Southern Utah University and just happened to be there during the first stage of the Tour of Utah bicycle race which ended right in town and went past our apartments three times.

Throughout the trip I took over 900 pictures, so I did a lot of culling to get it down the 15 I'm using in this post, so don't complain about too many pictures.

The reunion ran from August 4 through August 9.  The 4th and 5th was just people arriving and wandering about doing whatever.

The Tour of Utah stuff on was the 6th. As the race wound its way through the mountains there was stuff going on downtown including a booth for the Shakespeare Festival with various costumes and props to try on.  Heather fit perfectly in the jester's hat.


The racers got into town in the late afternoon.  Here's the main group of racers coming down the road:


Here's the crew that stayed up in the apartment watching on:


That evening a group of us went to watch Peter and the Starcatcher.  It's a retelling of the origin of Peter Pan. A little odd at times, but enjoyable.

On Wednesday, the 7th, we went to Frontier Homestead State Park where Heather sat on a horse (statue, obviously).  It's a bunch of old-timey machinery and buildings and stuff to look at.


That evening obligatory family fun & games were held, of course.  Here's Evan in his cowboy getup enjoying Bingo (run by Megan & Chad) after he won some honey-roasted peanuts:


Erin ran The Price is Right complete with Plinko, which Megan and Chad played:

On Thursday we took a horse- (and mule-) back ride through Bryce Canyon (thanks again Mike!).  Mike's mule was appropriately named "Porky" as he took every opportunity to graze at the side of the trail.


From left to right: Megan, Mollie, Jess, Mike, and Tina.
From left to right: Megan, Mollie, Jess, Mike, and Tina.
Here we are at our rest stop.  Left to right: Evan, Tina, Mike, Mollie, Megan, Chad, and Jess.
Here we are at our rest stop. Left to right: Evan, Tina, Mike, Mollie, Megan, Chad, and Jess.

Jess had a blast.  I have a bunch of pictures of her riding with a great big smile on her face.


Riding and taking pictures is easier said than done for someone with very little riding experience.  We weren't allowed to take anything with us except a camera, so I picked my 50-200mm zoom lens with a polarizer and hoped for the best. I probably should have taken the 18-55mm instead as with the 50mm widest angle I wasn't able to get any grand panoramic shots, however with the 200mm telephoto I was able to get closer-up pictures of everyone else riding.

The biggest issue was trying to look through the viewfinder to take a shot with the horse bouncing around and me trying to hold on.  To compensate, many of my pictures were taken Rambo-style just aiming in the general direction and hoping for the best.

Here's my favorite picture of the few hundred I took while on the ride.  I think it's neat how clear the various layers of rock are across the hoodoos.


The next day was checkout so we all spent the morning trying to get packed up and out the door.  After checking out we tried to take some family pictures.


Here's the Dickerson grandchildren of 2011.  Heather, born in October.  Charlie, born in December.  And Addie, born in August.

After family pictures we had a round of bowling to celebrate Evan's birthday (with requisite cream-cheese pie).

From there the party broke up and went separate ways.  We went up to Provo along with most of the rest for Will's baptism on Saturday.  After the baptism and lunch it was time to head home.  Heather was starting to not feel well and didn't much like adjusting to hotel rooms so we decided to drive straight through and just get home.  So we got home at around 4:30am Sunday completely exhausted.

And if you don't come home in the middle of the night completely exhausted then you're not doing your family vacations right; at least that's what my childhood memories suggest anyway.

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