Something to look forward to in July!

April 17, 2010 7:05 pm

I know...we're lame and haven't blogged in a while. This is all I've got for you:

It has recently been brought to my attention (no thanks to CNN's news feed!) that I'm going to have to get a new birth certificate. Apparently, if you need to commit identity fraud, you just buy a Puerto Rican birth certificate floating around the black market, for there are tons. To solve this problem, all the current ones are being nullified as of July 1. New ones (supposedly with anti-fraud measures built in) can be requested starting then.

How lame is that? I'm sure it'll be a breeze. I'm sure the Puerto Rican bureaucracy is totally capable of re-issuing birth certificates for everybody in a timely and non-irritating fashion. Thanks again, Parents, for having me in that wonderful territory. (Why did you go there, anyway? Probably just for stuff like this. You got to have all the fun of living in sunny paradise (which I don't even remember), and I get the paperwork mess. Rude.) This will make the second time my birth certificate has caused me grief. SO FAR.

I only heard about this because Kyle's mom read about it in her newspaper. Neither Kyle nor I saw it in our feeds of national news. So I could easily not have found out that my birth certificate was invalid until I applied for a passport or something. Which would have been even more awesome. They probably would have looked at me and said it was for sure one of the fakes still hanging around.

One thought on “Something to look forward to in July!”

  1. It was probably a bigger story in CT than CA since we have a substantial Puerto Rican population - like most of Hartford. Anyway, sounds like another hassle for sure.

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