Heather takes a nap

March 15, 2014 12:02 pm

Heather got up at her usual time this morning (about 7:30am) after going to sleep at her usual time last night (around 7:30pm).  She had breakfast, watched some Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and we played outside a little bit; a fairly normal morning.

Jess and I were just hanging about when Heather wandered off.  The quiet was suspicious and eventually Jess went looking for her.  She was lying in bed cuddled up with her blanket and pacifier trying to fall asleep.  So we asked her if she wanted us to close the blinds (she said, "Yes").

We left her alone and about 20 minutes later she fell asleep (about noon).

Apparently she decided she was tired and so she went to take a nap.

What a goon.

Edit @ 4:10pm:
She just did it again! She was playing in the living room and just went back to her bedroom and closed the door. After about 10 minutes we went to check on her and she was in bed again, with her projector on, cuddled up with blankets.

We asked her if she wanted to go to the store and she said, "No, I'm still sleeping."

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