Things Motherhood Has Taught Me So Far

April 8, 2012 5:50 pm

  1. Sleep deprivation makes everything worse.
  2. I am not, by nature, a flexible person. I love predictability. Unfortunately, Heather abhors a schedule. I'm working on coping.
  3. Our upstairs neighbors love nothing more than to vacuum and/or shower. (Does all the vacuuming make them sweaty?) I never noticed until I had a baby to be startled by sudden noises when she's nursing at 3:30am and they turn the water on full blast.
  4. I have always taken the ability to fall asleep just because you're tired for granted. Apparently, babies don't know how to do this.
  5. NEVER live next to a preschool. It's annoying when the screaming children wake you up. It is both infuriating and tragic when they wake up your baby.
  6. A little Zoloft can go a long way.*
  7. Bouncing on an exercise ball is an effective way to put a baby to sleep. (This still makes no sense to me, but it's what works for Heather.)
  8. Bouncing on an exercise ball doesn't burn nearly as much fat as you might think it would.
  9. Grump is a verb, as in "Heather was grumping all afternoon, so we went for a walk. It didn't help; she grumped half the way home, too."
*Actually, I already knew this. It's just been several years.

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