Memo for the Joint Force

January 12, 2021 3:27 pm

I'm astounded by this. Just floored that we're at a point where the 8 Joint Chiefs of Staff of the military have found it necessary to issue a public statement reminding the members of the military that interfering with Constitutional processes is a violation of both the law and their oath as soldiers.

If there was anyone that is still part of reality that was wondering if things are serious or are Democrats just milking the insurrection to score political points, this should put that to bed. Trump's own appointed military commanders have called out the attack on the Capitol and referred to it as sedition and insurrection.

If you are someone who has somehow fallen into the toxic morass of Qanon conspiracy theories, read this letter. It is short and unambiguous. There is NO secret plan by "loyalists" at the top of the military to arrest Democrats and install Trump as dictator like you've been told and as you're hoping and believing. It's not real. You need to wake up and rejoin reality before you destroy your life, the lives of your friends and families, and your country by following the lies of nameless, faceless lunatics hiding on the Internet.

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