2022 Trip: Part 2 - The Wedding

June 27, 2022 5:58 pm

Mollie and Eric got married on June 4 on a boat in the Gloucester Harbor. I don't have any pictures of the actual ceremony as that was the photographer's job. Instead I have some pictures of the pre-wedding and the reception/party.

I escorted Mom down the aisle as part of the wedding party. A couple of people read some poems Mollie and Eric selected. Will performed guitar and vocals of "Better Together" by Jack Johnson. And then they exchanged vows and rings. Then it was time to party.

2022 Trip: Part 1 - Bowling

5:16 pm

After two years of doing mostly nothing due to the pandemic we took a trip this year. The nucleating event was Mollie & Eric's wedding. So we built a trip around that. I flew out to Massachusetts on June 2. Jess stayed home with the girls to finish out the end of the school year.

After some brief rehearsal time on the boat Mollie & Eric hosted a Dickerson-family bowling and pizza party at a candlepin bowling place. I had never played candlepin bowling previously. It really only exists in Massachusetts on north through eastern Canada.