You have _got_ to be kidding me

April 2, 2012 10:00 am

I am enraged right now.

I just got our AT&T phone bill for this month.  Once again showing their complete disregard for their customers, they've taken it upon themselves to increase my bill by 32% with no explanation or prior warning.

I hate AT&T with the fiery passion of one thousand suns.

And still my only recourse would be to switch to Comcast which is easily as abusive as AT&T, but charges more for the same privilege.

I've sent an email begging to bring their Fusion DSL service to Livermore which offers 20 Mbps service plus phone for $39.95 a month.  After an introductory offer expires we'll be paying $69 a month for 6 Mbps service plus phone.

It is insane.

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