Mama's Day Off

May 6, 2012 6:59 pm

  1. Heather slept through the night last night. As in, I put her down at 6pm last night as usual and she didn't get up until 6:15am! Kyle went in at one point to check on her and moved her binky (which she had spit out) up to where she could easily find it, and that was all the intervention she required for 12 hours! She usually cries for her binky a few times a night and gets up to eat once. It was awesome.
  2. After I fed her at 6:30am, I wanted her to go back to sleep (though I didn't think she would), so I started bouncing her, but then she got the hiccups, so I knew she wasn't going back to sleep. I put her down in her crib, turned her mobile on, and let her play. After a while, I realized she hadn't made any noise in a few minutes, so I went in and she was asleep. She has NEVER fallen asleep in her crib on her own. This was a little early for her usual morning nap (7:40am instead of 9am), but I wasn't complaining. (I think she'd been awake for a long time before she started making noise at 6:15am.) And she slept for a whole hour!
  3. I brought Heather home from church after sacrament meeting to put her down for her nap, but she fell asleep in the car. I knew she was tired, but she hasn't slept in the car in months (or anywhere other than her crib, for that matter—that's why we went home early), so I didn't try to keep her awake on the way home. But I managed to get her into the house still asleep, so I just put her carseat down in the nursery and let her sleep. She had another good hour-long nap! (The true significance of this item will be shown later.)
  4. This afternoon, the three of us went across the street to the park and hung out in the shade for a while. Kyle and I wanted to walk downtown to walk through the Wine Country Festival going on, but the sun was too hot for me. I went home while Kyle took Heather downtown, and they were gone for about 40 minutes. That's 40 minutes I was home alone, with no baby!
  5. Once again, as I started to put Heather to bed tonight, she got the hiccups, so I just put her down in her crib to play until they went away. A few minutes later, I went in and she was asleep. Sweet!
What this boils down to is that I got to sleep all night last night, I got some alone time this afternoon, and I didn't have to get Heather to sleep one single time today! I spent zero time bouncing her on that bleeping exercise ball! Heather's gotten much better about going down relatively easy, but it's still a chore, and since she won't go to sleep for Kyle anymore, it's always my chore. I feel like a whole new woman!

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  1. Whoa - I had major deja vu reading your title and first paragraph. I checked the date about 3 times because I was so confident that it was an old post that got re-posted due to a glitch or something. Very strange. And I'm jealous. The ONLY times Addie has slept through the night were 3 nights when we were in California last November. I guess she liked California.

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